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Into the wild

Sadly Denmark is a place almost without any real wild growing nature. Not many places and areas have been left to do it’s thing and run wild.
This is taken in a heath not far from my aunt and uncle’s. And when standing alone out there on a summer night, it seems quite nature-like


Last week I visited the highly strange and (and yet cool) Peterspladsen (Peter’s Square) in Bjergby, Denmark.
The “square” is inhabited by a wide variety of concrete animals. And there is a great view of rolling farmland


To my luck I missed a train today so I had to spend some time in Aalborg, the city I\’ve lived in for quite some years. This is where I went.

Edit: Funny. On the Google map there\’s actually someone sitting in the exact same spot as this pic was taken


A shot from the place where I spent most of my childhood. The title \”Skoven\” translates to \”the forest\”, which is what we simply called it. I actually still do. Whenever I\’m going into \”the forest\”, this is where I\’ll be.

Edit: this is not a HDR-image (but it looks a bit like one )